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.news (also see: latest tech changes)

CrysTime is Back!! - 14.07.2009
After being offline, for nearly 3 years, we are finally back!
No enhancements planned for the near future, just as-is.

Babel - 09.10.2006
CrysTime is now UTF-8 enabled, which means that it can be translated into (virtually) every language on earth!
And the in-game translation module is finished, so the players can now translate the game to their own language and hopefully infect more of their friends (who perhaps don't speak english).

Babel - 05.10.2006
The game has been translated to german and can soon be translated to any other language by volunteers.
Also, the in-game GUI has been enhanced, using the Yahoo UI library.

In the future, the control of the whole game will be opened to the community.
Players will be able to create new units in the game, define new planets, develop the story, etc.
A designated council of thrustworthy players will monitor and judge every addition and change.

And finally, the engine will be opened, so everyone can create their completely unique war game. But that will take a while.
These are the plans!

new units - 26.06.2006
7 new units have arrived!

  • Worm Caller
  • EMP
  • Death Delivery Unit
  • Rise and Shine
  • Plasma Tank
  • Laser Tank
  • Acid Tank

Check the tech tree for more info.

babel - 31.05.2006
I just removed the register function from the forum to protect it from spammers. People who register for CrysTime will automatically get an account for the forum.

Apart from that, I'm working on an update to make the game multilingual und to provide a translation interface so players can translate it to their own language if they like :)

First user-units - 23.02.2006
Both families have got a new unit. The Sniper for de Wanecke and the Scout for the Suyaar.
Check the tech tree for more info.

These were made by Soundgarden, King of de Wanecke.
Every player can create his own units and submit them to be put into the game. Find the HOW-TO in the Tech Research Forum.

Eye candy - 22.02.2006
Check out the great wallpapers by Lahja! :)

A friendlier welcome - 08.02.2006
New visitors can now play the tutorial as a demo without even having to register. I hope this will persuade more people to sign up and enjoy the game.

diversity! - 07.01.2006
Create your own units and post them in the
Tech Research Forum.
Read the HOW-TO there and follow every step.

We will then be able to use your unit in the game and you can be proud of your very own individual contribution :)

teh Fairness - 05.01.2006
Some important changes to fix a handful of annoying glitches.
The base-infection and the carrier-hit'n'run loopholes are gone!

Check the technical changes log!

In case of any ill side-effects, please report immediately! I can't check every one of the 150+ maps.. ;)

no easy win - 03.01.2006
Removed the job that made auto-wins of war challenges older than 24 hours. The families should win the land by winning their battles and not by making so many challenges that an outnumbered enemy can't answer.

teamwork - 31.12.2005
I have added something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. War battles will no longer start with 2 players but only when all player slots for the specific map are filled.
This should enhance the we-are-in-this-together feeling for the families, i hope.

This means, if you see an offensive of your family in the battle list, help your fellow general and join the battle!

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:: Features
  • Deathmatch or War in a living MMORPG universe
  • Tick and turn based battles
  • Classic strategy: Build base, army, destroy enemy
  • Multiplayer only!
  • Battles with up to 8 opponents
  • Old school detailed 2D graphics and 3D artwork
  • Animated attacks and actions
  • Conquer planets, step by step
  • Different families and armies to join
  • Climb the internal family hierarchy
  • Transfer your units between battles
  • Watch your units become mighty heroes
  • Create your own maps with in-game editor
  • Invent your own units and enhance the game
  • And much more!

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