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de Wanecke

The family de Wanecke has a long tradition of female-only emperors. The situation within the family and their followers and soldiers is one of absolute, voluntary loyalty.
The men worship their lady with an almost religious fervor, which, through the ages, made them a force to reckon.

It was during the initial rise to power of the de Wanecke family, that this pseudo-religion had its roots.
As an ordinary, medium sized kingdom spanning three planets, the family faced the threath of a hostile alliance between their long-time rivals Ars Pleteira, living within the same solar system, and a branch of the mining-departement of the corporate-style Suyaar family.
If the plan had worked, Ars Pleteira would have been established as the ruler of this solar system, and in return for the assistance in battle, they would have allowed the Suyaar family to mine precious ressources from the former home planets of the de Wanecke dynasty.

The lady Varissat de Wanecke was the fairest and most beautiful, enchanting woman in the eyes and minds of the people and the soldiers, and in the same heights was the love and devotion to their king Burtan Alotio de Wanecke.
Each and everyone would have gladly given his live for their king and queen, in return for countless centuries of peace and prosperity.

So it came as an almost fataly devastating shock to the family when during this defensive war, King Burtan was slain.
The alliance launched an insane attack, many say it was sparked by despair, under the command of the Ars Pleteira. the offensive army stormed almost to the heart of the kingdom, in the process breaching all of the outer defense rings, just pushing forward while being shot at from all sides.
During these 16 days, the Ars Pleteira-Suyaar alliance lost almost the half of its army and the best, heavy equipment. The other half was on hold, waiting on the outer planets of the solar system, on the homeworlds of the Ars Pleteira.
Like a meteorite entering the atmosphere of a planet, the invading army was burnt up by the defensive forces of the de Wanecke, leaving a trail of debris and blood behind. Only 47 men were left of the 5 battalions when they finally reached one of the inner bases where king Burtan was preparing to return to his men on the battlefield. The king meant to go to the outer defense rings to meet his enemy, but instead his fate was coming to him, unstoppable like an arrow of fire.

With the fall of king Burtan, his enemies thought, the de Wanecke family would break apart in utter despair and their planets could be conquered with a flick of the wrist.
What they didn't expect was that the fair and seemingly fragile lady Varissat would take controll and continue the struggle of her king, even lead her people to victory! With the death of their king, the men lost all hope and it seemed as if the hostile alliance had reached its goal. But the high spirit and the power and the will that their lady portrayed reunited them, bonded them together more than ever, and they fought fierce like lions.
They protected their lady, they charged into battle with even more might and courage than when their king was still alive, because now they had their precious queen in their midst, fighting for her fallen king and the honour of every single one of her loyal men.

The fiery, bloody arrow that came flying from the enemy into the heart of the kingdom had provoked an eruption of military power and human bravery they had never expected.
The siege of the kingdom was ended in three days and the opposing forces smashed to smoking smitherens.


The Suyaar family is a five-legged colossus of efficiency and control. In fact, it is not so much a family as a gigantic corporation.

  • Terraforming
  • Mining
  • Solar capping
  • Acquisition
  • Domination

These are the five pillars that support the Suyaar empire in its heightened position, above the heads of most of the other old families.
To those planets and people that were "acquired" by the Suyaar, these departements look more like the tentacles of a horrifying, merciless, hungry beast.

They get their ressources mostly by mining rich planets, for material, and by "capping" smaller stars with a shield that collects all of the stars emited energy.
About one third of the harvested ressources are used in the terraforming departement. Mostly as luxury, lifeless planets are made habitable for other rich families.
Within the laws of physics, the planets are designed according to the wishes of the customer. Usually these planets are not only dead, but also wortless in terms of ressources, which means the family that purchased the terraforming, needs to provide some logistics of their own later, or depend completely on the services of the suyaar.

As has been seen in the past, terraforming can be quite a rough business. But the Suyaar family has proven to be very well suited and has claimed absolute leadership in the terraforming market within only 25'000 years.

Once a satifsied customer has settled on his newly created planet, the Suyaar are eager to continue business and they offer, for instance, protection by their Acquisation and Domination departements.
These are the military branches of the family, and once a customer has relied on such thorough protection for a span of only 100 years, they are very unlikely to ever switch back to their own armed forces.
Not surprinsingly! To be protected by an army of the suyaar, erases every thought of conquest from your enemies. There are only a few families powerfull enough to stand up against the Suyaar, and they won't risk an unnecessary provocation that could set the universe ablaze with war.
So, most of the families that at some point buy the services of the Suyaar, become sooner or later a part of the corporation-family, because it seems safer, easier and more comfortable.

Of course, the acquisition departement also works for the family itself, because every once in a while there is a planet or a solar system whose inhabtants won't just hand their home over to the Suyaar, and neither do they have interest in being assimilated or becoming slaves.
Unfortunately for them, it is almost certain that they will become a people of slaves, once the Acquisition departement comes into play.

Everything the Suyaar family stands for, says: massive, bulky, dangerous, unstoppable.
Only the last arm is invisible, its called Domination, and it ensures that the family always knows whats going on in every part of its empire and a good deal of whats going on within the territories of the other important families.
Domination is a massive data-mill consisting of millions of spies and countless surveillance technology gadgets deployed in every spot of the universe, the Suyaar family has ever set foot on.

de Wanecke de Wanecke
Suyaar Suyaar


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