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Read the story and the guide!!


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Q: I forgot my login/password. where can I get it?
A: Click here!

Q: How do I move my units?
A: Make sure it's your turn. if it's your turn, click on the unit to select it, then click on the destination field you want your unit to move to.
Hint: The whole game is point an click ;)

Q: I cant build anything! Where and how do I build things in a new battle?
A: You build your HQ with the MRC (mobile repair vehicle). Select the MRC, hoover your mouse over it, and click the HQ icon from the build-list.
With the HQ you can then build all other buildings/factories

Q: Nothing works, what going on?
A: At the very bottom of the battlefield, there is a line that says "metatron" in red letters. There you can read the outcome of your every action and the reason why it may have not worked.

Q: My InternetExplorer keeps crashing when I play the game. why? what can I do?
A: Because InternetExplorer is the worst browser you can use. Try mozilla or opera, both are a zillion times faster and more stable!
I officially recommend Mozilla, it's the best browser for playing this game.

Q: How do I harvest CrysTime (ressources) ?
A: First you need to build a reffinery and a harvester. Then you select the harvester and click on the field you want to harvest.
Be aware that hervesting needs an extra Apt in addition to the Apts you need to move your harvester to the destination field.

Q: What are Apts, ActionPoints ?
A: Since CRYSTALLIZED TIME is a turn based strategy game, the actions that every unit can perform during each of your turns are limited.
Everything you do with a unit needs one or more Apts. Most units have different amounts of APts.
If you have no Apts left, you have to close your turn and wait for the enemy to finish theirs.

Q: Where can I find out details about my units? Apts? weapons range?
A: Click on a unit, watch the detail vies of this unit load to le left of the battlefield. Click onto the unit picture to get a dialog with all info.
(You can also click on the [ i ] symbol next to each unit in a build-list in order to get info before actually spending money on the unit)

Q: What is this moving, hissing thing that keeps destroying my units?
A: The worm (read the story). Destroy it with heavy weaponry or sacrifice some preferably cheap units to it.
When it goes away, it will leave a compressed heap of CrysTime behind.
So, the worms are actually very usefull. Learn to tease them with your sacrifices and get them to move as close as possible to your base.

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