Crystallized Time

A free turn-based online strategy game in your browser - no client needed!

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CRYSTALLIZED TIME is a turn based online strategy game, with graphics and animations, not just text and numbers.

All you need to play it is a browser with java script enabled. Any recent version of the major browsers should do (Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Internet Explorer).

The basic goal of the game is simple:
Harvest the CrysTime on the battlefield to obtain ressources/money.
Use the money to build a base and an army.
Upgrade your tech level to gain better technology and weaponry.
Destroy the enemy base.

Every unit, building or vehicle, has a specific ammount of action points (AP) in each turn.
Spend the action points to move the unit, build something with it, attack an enemy unit, etc.
Once all action points are spent, the unit has to wait for the next turn.

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The Great War

Space situation
On the space map you explore the vast, virtually infinite universe of CRYSTALLIZED TIME.
The navigators of your family will ship your armies between galaxies and solar systems and make sure your backup arrives when you need it.
The strategic planers will use the space map to pick the next planet to invade or to send harvesting teams to the next space-time anomaly that spews precious CT out into the void.
Planet situation
The planet view shows you what parts of the planet are controlled by which family, and also on which maps there are currently battles being fought.
Every square on the planet represents a actual map. By clicking on enemy territory, you will start a new battle and invade the map. The enemy then assigns one of his generals to defend the map.
War overview
The battle list as you already know it from the deathmatch mode. Additionally there are offensive and defensive battles. On top you see some stats, your level, your credits.
Also, notice the new context sensitive help system. just click the [?] icon whenever you are lost.
Multiplayer action
You can see the generals are teaming up in the battles and and stand as one against the enemy family.
Faily hierarchy
As you win battles, earn money and experience points, you will level-up and become more important within the family. Climbing up in the hierachy gives you access to better and stronger units and new, exciting battlefields on different planets.
Unit repository
As your units gain experience in battle, they will get level-ups, upgrades to their armor, firepower and other special abilities. When a battle is over, these units will be transfered to your unit repository, so in future battles you can call them to your side and in time they will become mighty heroes.
These experienced units can be assigned unique names and ever unit has a record of its individual story, including a list of all the battles it fought in and all the great enemy warriors it killed.
A general in battle can request the assistance of his superior, his peers or his subordinates to come to his help and spontaneously join a battle.
The buildings and units that are framed light-blue are the requested assistance for the general in the lower right corner.
As you explore the universe, you will have battles in many new and strange environments, both friendly and hostile.
This battle is not on planet Harbinger, as you may have guessed by the growing grass.
Notice how the CT is actually still crystallized in this environment, not ground to dust by the movement of the sands like on planet Harbinger.

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