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a complete graphical strategy game in your browser
no flash - no java - no install

battle your friends online from anywhere!

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<< new news

virtual money - 20.12.2005
For some mysterious reason we all got a lot of money with every new battle... It's back under control now, but since it made the battles start off a little faster and more fun for the newbs, I adjusted it from the original 5000 to 8000 CT.

tick vs. turn - 01.12.2005
The tick-based system didn't always behave as I had planned it. In battles with 2 or 3 players, the last one to close his turn would immediately get another turn.
This was technically correct, but would lead to unfair situations in the game, for example if a unit is attacked two times in a row and gets no chance to flee or repair.

To avoid this, battles with low player count (3 or less) will automatically run as turn-based. Larger battles run in tick-mode so they progress with a reasonable speed until only 3 players are left.

mail flood - 29.11.2005
If you got flooded by mails from the game, please accept my apology.
There was some crazyness with the job that distributes the turns, it went wild on occasion.

TICK TOCK - 26.11.2005
ATTENTION PEOPLE: The passing of time in the game is now no longer turn-based but tick-based!
This means that the generals take their turns simultaneously and not one after another. This will speed things up considerably, especially battles with more than 4 player, which were almost unplayable.

Don't panic though, everyone still has 24 hours to take their turn.
If every opponent in a battle finishes their turn early, a new tick starts immediately, no pointless waiting.

Have fun! ;)
the little folk - 22.11.2005
Compressed the info in the war battle list today and in general made the game better playable on 1024x768 pixel screens.
If you want to see the full info on a listed battle, click the little folder icon.

If you are playing on a small screen and are experiencing problems with the GUI, please let me know.

AJAX!!! - 15.11.2005
As of today, Crystallized Time is AJAX enabled! :)
I have implemented it for all actions on the battlefield, for a start. The moves should be much quicker now, no long wait for the browser to finish that request anymore.

You can even give some commands in advance, for example:
Click all the fields where your selected harvester should harvest and then proceed with your next unit - the harvester will carry out the commands on his own! No need to wait! ;)
Further GUI improvements are to come.

Check it out now and tell me what you think in the forum!

great tales - 26.10.2005
You can now enhance your heroes with a hand-written story of their actions, so in time, epic tales will be constructed. The story of a hero will then be displayed on the battlefield and all his opponents will know his fame!
Also, in the near future I will add the "High-Office of the Chronicler" who will have the authority to compile the whole history (or parts, together with other Chroniclers) of a family and its heroes.
After that comes the "High-Office of the Terraformer"

Aside from that, the next big thing I'm coding is an alternate timing mode for the battles. It will be tick-based instead of turn-based and it will enormously speed up the battles with more than 2 or 3 players.
Within 24 hours, every general in the battle will have to take his turn, as opposed to 24 hours for every single general.

voyeurism - 23.10.2005
I just added a spectator mode for the battles, this allows you to watch the battles of your fellow generals, see how they are doing.
This brings your family closer together and hopefully you can give each other valuable strategic advice.

looking good - 20.10.2005
I was very busy re-designing the whole look of the game.
Every family now has a customized design - cold, hard steel, black and red for the Suyaar - majestic gold and blue for de Wanecke.

This awesome designing was done by Lahja Shadowruler, thanks and shoutz go out to him!

Tried some (many!) new tricks with CSS, which is all the rage these days. However, it is also a real pain in the ass to make it work on all browsers! So if something doesn't work quite right, please let me know!

Enough talk! Now log in quick and enjoy the eye candy ;)

the 'pedia - 14.08.2005
CRYSTALLIZED TIME now has its very own entry in the Wikipedia! :)

Also, we are now listed on ApexWebGaming. Please rate the game here.

AND: The Soundtrack (or the first part thereof) is online! Enjoy! :)

IPO IPO - 06.08.2005
with this, the beta phase of the War is finished.
thanks go out to all the beta testers, you have all been awarded free memberships! :)

the War for Crystallized Time is now public and paid advertisements are now running to attract new players.

of course, lots of improvements are still to come! look out for an offical Crystallized Time Soundtrack, soon on this website ;)
also, we are working on rendered 3D images for the units in the battle. check these out:


bug massacre - 19.07.2005
fixed the bugs in the assistance functions. answering the call of your fellow generals in need should now work, also taking your repository units into battle with you.

in related news, there was a bug with the cloaking of invisible units (crystime fighters, suicide commandos). the enemy could see them when he lifted the fog of war or when he reloaded the battlefield. this is fixed now and the cloaked units don't appear on the enemy screen unless they attack.


we are back online.. - 12.07.2005
well now... it seems that inside the game isn't the only place where we're fighting. looks like someone was attacking the game server. i moved to a new server, hopefully there are fewer security holes.

i'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

also, i had to make changes all over the code to be compatible with the PHP version on the new server.
some bugs are expected to appear. please report any suspicious behaviour immediately here!

the forum is still down, i'll bring it back up as soon as possible.


chatter chatter - 07.07.2005
the buddylist is now fixed and actually usefull! ;)


moo' new stuff - 01.07.2005
more new features that i forgot to mention! :)

- new map terrain: scorched
- different ActionPoints cost for different buildings, means you can build 4 walls in one turn, for example.
- units can level up and become veterans and heroes in the war


the new stuff - 15.06.2005
the war beta invitation mail has been sent out, the last preparations are taking place, then the beta will start.

listed here are some of the new features:
- new terrains, space and greenery (gras, plants)
- soldiers can swim, climb and move through forests
- suicide commando and crystime warrior are invisible
- aircraft can finally fly freely over mountains
- open free-for-all battles can be started
- more than 2 players per battle now possible
- a buddylist to keep in touch with your favourite generals
- detailed beginners guide to get you started!
- tech tree
- randomized startpoint for every general on the map
- unplayed turns are closed after 24 hours now!
- many, many, many small bug fixes and improvements
- the whole WAR stuff


LIBERATE ME - 09.06.2005
this is the release of VERSION 2! yay and ol�! :)

one thing is for sure, i will never again make promisses or announce release dates!
and i will update all future improvements as soon as they are coded, not tie them into a big bundle that forces me to wait months before i can release.

enjoy the new features, report any bugs and stay tuned for the war - the beta is about to beginn!

working on it - 08.02.2005
i'm still working on version 2.0 of the game. it will be great and i hope you all will find that it's worth the wait.
when it's finished, you will consider the current version of the game a mere demo ;)

so, to make waiting a little bit easier (or harder?), i collected some new screenshots for you!
stay tuned and have fun playing!


hax0red - 22.12.2004
okay, back and operational now.
obviously the server was a victim to the Santy.A worm which exploits a flaw in older versions of the forum software phpBB.

no battle data was lost, y'all can continue as if nothing had happened ;)


the calm before the storm - 02.12.2004
just to let you all know, i'm still furiously coding on the next release of the game and it will be due in about two or three weeks.

i completely re-worked the matrix and update engine, added many new features and opened new possibilities for the future.
exploding harvesters will blow their valuable contents onto the battlefield, soldiers can climb mountains, certain units can cloak and become invisible, no more shooting through buildings or mountains... and many more!

also, i was working on multiplayer mode for more than 2 players which will spice up things pretty good, i think ;)
and the absolute highlight of the new release will be the long promissed WAR where the generals will choose sides and the families will fight each other in continuous, connected battles.

- climb the hierarchy and give orders to lesser generals
- manage your territories, steady sources of income
- manage the finances of your family
- recruit new generals to follow your orders
- explore and conquer new planets
- establish and defend routes in space to connect your planets
- level-up your units, move them from battle to battle
- make heroes, deploy them where they are needed
- discover new families/races to fight or build alliances

expect all of this in a few weeks!


designah - 14.11.2004
you wanna make your own maps? now you can!
log in and find an in-game map editor now added to your general menu.

if you make a decent map it will be published and made available for all the other generals to have battles on it.


rage against teh funghi - 20.10.2004
some of you may have used the following tactic:
build a carrier, build an mrc, land on enemy base and build a construction hq, build tons of defense towers. voila - all his base are belong to you.

well, it doesn't work anymore. in order to build a bulding it's not enough to have a wall or a defense tower nearby. it needs to be a real building, one of the big, expensive ones.
okay, the tactic still works, but it's much harder to keep it up this way. which is good, because it's a kind of super-weapon that leaves the opponent without a chance, so i had to restrict it a bit.


frischk0rnbrei!! - 14.10.2004
i must have been completely fucked in the head when i made the buggy exclusively available to the de Wanecke family.
so, here are more tweaks:

- tribug attacks with 5 damage points
- tribug is de Wanecke exclusive
- tribug costs 150 (cause at 300 it was utterly useless)
- bazooka costs 110
- buggy available for both families

AND: as of today there is a new building!
the grenade-tower is a very usefull addition to your base defense, because if you were caught between machinegun- and rocket-towers, you couldn't defend yourself very well.
its attack is the same grenade as that of the tank.


return the love - 08.10.2004
do you like this game and spend several hours battlin' instead of working?
well here is the chance to return the favour!

the game is now listed on MPOGD (multi player online games directory).
please go here and click on "Rate it" in the bottom-right corner and, well, rate it!! ;)

ps: new screenshots are up! post cool screenshots of YOUR battles in the forum, i will put the best on the page!


wavy - 02.10.2004
two nice fixes today!

1. the microwave tank of de Wanecke does now damage every unit between himself and the target unit (including your own if it stands in the line of fire).
2. if your enemy has surrendered and you get unlimited ActionPoints, the hit & run prevention is also suspended.

have fun!


tweak - 01.10.2004
it seems to me that the bazooka unit of the Suyaar family is much to strong, so i've tweaked it somewhat to establish a balance between de Wanecke and Suyaar.

health: 10
attack distance: min 5 - max 8

also, i made the buggy unit available only for de Wanecke.
let's play with these settings and see how it turns out.

oh, and another thing! ressources seem to be a bit veeerrrry tight at all times during a battle.
so for now i've made the following changes.

start credits: 5000
1 ressource field: 120


communicate - 03.09.2004
okay, every registered general now also has an account on the phorum. chat away!


DER DEVELOPEN! - 31.08.2004
for those of you who don't like the mails, you can change the setting in your profile. you will not receive the notification for each turn, only the reminders if you miss your turns for several days.

also, i just set up phpBB so the message board is now on the same server as the game and not some third-party off-server mushy-mushy disconnected... yeah well, you get the idea.
go there and populate it! :)

btw: i will look for a way to automatically create a forum account for the registered generals.. tomorrow, or the day after.


|}{| - 30.08.2004
development is stalled for about two weeks, i'm playing DooM3 now after finally recieving my gf NX 6800 GT motherfucker TD 256! >:)


TEH shit - 27.08.2004
damn that was ugly!
well, everything should be back to normal now... continue your games and if something doesn't work, please report.
the state of the database is that of 5 am of the 25th - you may have lost some moves.


un�ber haput - 25.08.2004
there will be a planned downtime today as the server is reconfigured.

in other news: those of you who have received their starting-units two or three times at the beginning of a battle, be gratefull and make a sacrifice to teh dogs! (was a bug for a short time)


OFFICIAL RELEASE v1.1 - 19.08.2004
after much testing and fixing, and after two years of coding in every free minute, the game is finally ready for public release! :)

stay tuned though! i will continue to add features, new maps, new units, new races, new battle modes, whole wars instead of just deathmatches, etc.

thanks go out to all the beta testers!

and now ENJOY everyone!


the time is nigh.. - 10.08.2004
the official domain went online today!


gonna make you move! - 04.08.2004
i added a check that searches for turns that are open for more than 5 days. such turns will be closed by the game and the next opponent in the battle will get his turn.
if a general misses 3 turns in a row, he will be kicked from the battle.

also, the game will remind you to make your moves and close your turn every 24 hours.
sorry for the spam this night, i was testing this.


more and faster - 22.07.2004
man, time is racing..
there was much improvement in the last month and i'm working on the game every free second, even in the morning before i go to work.

features are added and parameters tweaked every day. stay tuned! ;)


� - 22.06.2004
heavy beta testing going on!

i'm fixing bugs and applying the polish these days, preparing for public release.


Test release - 25.04.2004


de Wanecke de Wanecke
Suyaar Suyaar


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