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Age One

Countless billions of years ago, people knew that time is not endless, not linear and not omnipresent.
"One Time" defines the span from the initial explosion at the birth of a universe, until the inevitable collapse that is its end.

It is with this essential knowledge that you enter the turmoils in a very old universe, a time bubble that is almost at the end of its cycle.
Most of the people throughout the universe are at war with each other, because almost all stars have burnt out and swallowed the planets that were a home to a multitude of major and minor races.
There are very few alliances and every race, and within the races the long established and respectable families, are fighting each other in an effort to secure the last remaining hospitable planets and their ressources.

One of the fiercest battles, as we speak, is being fought between two of the oldest and most powerfull families of the human race, de Wanecke and Suyaar, on planet Harbinger that has only a few decades left to live because its star is burning so hot, it has turned the planet into one big desert.

That would not make too much sense, but it was discovered only a few years ago that this planet is an anomaly and it behaves in a way that makes it an invaluable treasure to the people that are racing towards the end of their space-time.
Up until this discovery, there was no hope in the hearts of men and everyone was losing their motivation to battle one another in the face of certain extinction, no matter what anyone did.
But the message of this new found anomaly ripped through the realm of mankind like the sudden explosion of ten thousand black holes.

Only the slightest shimmering light of hope for survival at the event horizon... And they took up theirs arms and fought again, family against family, as mercyless and wild as hordes of mad, tormented wolves.

The reason for this is the simple fact that practicaly everyone uses the essence of time, that crystallizes at the edge of black holes, for interstellar travel. With such concentrated time it is easy to deform space-time. it is very much like hyperspace travel, but instead of creating a controlled singularity to bend space, current day starships would stretch and compress the fabric of time by releasing tremendous amounts of time, thus creating waves on which the starship can ride.

Crystallized Time is a gold-red substance which forms the most beautifull crystal flowers and is indestructible to any living being. As was said earlier, it forms at the event horizon of a black hole. time condenses from the singularity and crystallizes as it enters space-time.
As anyone could imagine, it does not come without difficulties to obtain it.
The most refined method until recently was to shoot bolts from a gigantic railgun on a precisely calculated trajectory to barely scratch the edge of the black hole, and then collect the flowers of crystallized time that were hurled away by the enormous force of the bolt.

Now, it seems, there has formed a singularity within planet Harbinger that does not behave like a regular black hole. it swallows almost nothing, but instead great quantities of Crystallized Time come pouring out of it.
Not to mention the fact that no black hole has ever spontaneously appeared in the middle of a planet.

Some high-scientists of the old families have announced that they think it is a way of the universe to hold its equilibrium, since matter has been eaten by more and more black holes, it has to flow back in the form of time.
According to them, it is not really a black hole in any way, it is a crack in space-time. The universe is becoming unstable, and this scorched and dried-up planet that harbors practicaly no life forms anymore, has become a bright star of hope in the dreams of men.

Almost all water and organic life has disapeared, evaporated from the planet and the surface is now an endless ocean of sand, the remains of proud mountains, the bones of a planet, that broke down into dust and grains.

The invaluable flowers of Crystallized Time are surfacing everywhere on Harbinger from the depths of the vast, dry oceans and are waiting to be harvested by those wo hope that they can flee this collapsing universe.

And once the message of this treasure reaches the other races, this is going to be the biggest war this universe has ever seen.
The soul of every living being will tremble and every stone and piece of metal will break in the final, thunderous battle of this time.

Crystallized Time awaits you!
Lead your family to victory!!

de Wanecke de Wanecke
Suyaar Suyaar


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