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.recent tech changes

  • Fixed a bug that didn't show worm movement and turn-close correctly.
  • Added a nice little display for action-points and attack on every unit for better overview.
  • Now soldiers may combat each others on mountains and shoot down in the valleys. Until now, you got a "obstacle in the line of fire" warning.
  • Cloaked units of the enemy can no longer be killed by shooting wildly at empty fields.
  • You can no longer infiltrate enemy buildings with cloaked units of your own, because it's mighty unfair.
  • If your opponent had the battlefield loaded while you were taking your turn, your soldiers would reveal your own cloaked units (within range) to the enemy. That's fixed now.
  • Restricted the combined amount hero-firepower that can be taken into battle through the repository.
  • Cloaked units were visible to the enemy on the mini-map. Fixed, thanks to _dl_!
  • Disabled watching other (friendly) generals battles because it's prone to be exploited by cheating bastards.
  • Heroes with a story that contained Enters were not selectable when imported into the battle through the repository gateway. Fixed!
  • Fixed menu and metatron repeating fill background for Internet Explorer.
  • For the last 24 hours, the suicide of Leviathan und Suicide Comamndo wasn't drawn. Fixed now..
  • Fixed an error with the unit-info popup for the currently selected unit in the commando central.
  • Made a fix in the family neutral (golden brown) border so it doesn't waste so much space around the battlefield.
  • Fog of war is lifted around units of your alliances so you can see where they are and what the are doing.
  • It's now possible to build your buildings near the base of your alliance (3 fields), not just near your own base.
  • It's now impossible to build near the enemy base (4 fields), to prevent the nasty, annoying infecting of the enemy base with an MRC and walls and towers.
  • Carriers can't pick up units that have shot in the current turn, to prevent hit'n'run attacks.
  • Metatron messages are now gray if the command was successful, red in case of an error.
  • Removed the job that made auto-wins of war challenges older than 24 hours.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting the repository gateway and having the [?] hints enabled.
  • Re-added the display of all opponents in an active battle in the battle list.
  • War battles will no longer start with 2 opponents but when all players slots on the specific map are filled.
  • Added a minimal map count for the families so they can't be attacked if they have fewer maps to prevent total extermination.
  • Assistance can only be requested in a battle if every opponent has made a minimal count of turns (7).
  • Switching battles between turn-based and tick-based, depending on how many players are in it. turn-based is cleaner for 1on1 battles.
  • Changed from turn-based to tick-based
  • AJAXed the war battle list and optimized the game for 1024x768 pixel resolution.
  • Implemented AJAX for all battlefield commands, speeding thing up substantially and even allow parallel processing of commands.
  • fixed a bug on the register form, people with email addresses longer than 30 letters couldn't join.
  • fixed a bug in the join/confirm-battle screen, people could take one more battle than they were allowed to if it was a defensive one.
  • added basic functionality for the high-offices, but no actual offices yet.
  • removed the warning message on the battlefield if you click too fast. testing if this results in less hang-ups.
  • on closing a battle, the family doesn't get credits back and the generals only get back half of what they invested (1000 / 2). the reason for this is that everyone has way too much money and the families and generals should earn their credits from the maps they own.
  • fixed some strangeness that sometimes didn't let a general attack an enemy map right next to a map that belongs to his own family.
  • added a spectator mode for the battles, this allows you to watch the battles of your fellow generals, see how they are doing.
  • added time counter since last turn to all active battles
  • fixed a problem when loading battles, the browser would just do nothing or display an error page. (especially the tutorial battle)
  • a new vote is announced in the battletalk, so everyone knows that their vote is needed.
  • lowered experience needed to become General, is now 8 points instead of 16.
  • added vote system to allow generals to change the turn timeout interval, default 24 hours. click the little clock icon in the commando central.
  • added a tutorial mission with hints for newbies
  • changed Suicide Commando to 4 APts, 15 Health, like Crystime Warrior.
  • added a time for defensive battles to show you how long you can wait before a battle becomes an auto-win.
  • put up the 3d rendered ingame units and buildings for space.
  • battles now have a max. tech-level on which they are fought. generals with higher tech-levels are limited and generals with lower tech-levels are warned when joining.
  • made sure a general can't build building that can't then build a unit because of his tech-level.
  • after winning a battle, a summary screen with stats is displayed.
  • war generals can now recruit active generals that have no membership from the deathmatch ranks.
  • space skirmish battles are not closed and won by system anymore, to prevent free level-ups for generals.
  • the SpaceHammer unit is now available at tech level 3
  • the drones (in planet battles) can now shoot over mountains, because they are attacking from the air.
  • A new space unit has been added. the SpaceHammer I, with light rockets.
  • the minimal general level for the different planets have been adjusted. it's more ladder-like now.
  • increased the max. missed turns before a general is kicked from a battle from 2 to 4, so generals who can't play over the weekend are not kicked.
  • the missed turns counter is reset to 0 when a general actually closes a turn himself and thereby shows that he is still active.
  • every general in a battle can only make one request for assistance now. this puts a stop to bulk requesting.
  • you can now carry your alliances units with your carriers in a war battle and repair them with your MRC.
  • maps and planets now show nice floating description in the space view
  • when a map is conquered, it is blocked for the next 3 cycles (days) and can't be attacked and won back right after it was lost by a family.
  • a general can't fight on the same map two times in a row.
  • annoying prompt "wanna close turn?" removed if the turn is already closed
  • in war battles, units that can not be built due to the tech level of the general are shown in the list but disabled
  • tech tree works again and now displays both space units and ground units
  • set much lower limit for count of battles a general can have in war, to slow things down a bit.

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